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Chrissy Fryers

The Tissot dress for a Wedding!

When a friend said, please make my wedding dress, I felt honoured to be asked to be part of her very special day.

The photos in my gallery show you a story of the dress that was inspired by a painting of Tissot.!

It shows the progression from the inspiration,  to the choosing of the fabric, the pleating of the frills on the underskirt, and yet more pleating on the apron front and bustle overskirt. 

Then the adding of jet beads and tiny black bows to the bustle, and apron front! All lined in period cream taffeta, piped in black piping and sewn by hand!  

 Then came the bodice with a velvet insert and  matching of the stripes at the darts, shoulders and waist.  The bodice was boned and lined, and again finished by hand.

 A piece of black lace was added to the neckline and a treasured piece of vintage white lace was added to the pleated edge of the cuffed sleeve. 

Finally a four inch wide black satin ribbon was added to the back of the bodice to tie into a bow at the waist. 

This was most certainly a labour of love, and was admired by many on my friends very special day.

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